Mar-Nic Designs

Sleeping Angel from Mar-Nic Designs
Mar-Nic Designs, 2002
All rights reserved.

From the chart, "This tiny little angel has fallen asleep. He's spent hours looking after newborn babies, especially those born too soon. These precious little ones require our special care and resources." He has elegant wings done in blackwork, and his face just looks so serene!

Maria Cipps of Mar-Nic Designs in Waterloo, Canada has a touch with mothers and children not normally seen in today's design market. Her website, Mar-Nic Designs is full of colorful charts focusing on the family. The face of the Sleeping Angel is her own son's, caught in a quiet moment. She lives in the picturesque city of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada - an area rich with diverse cultures and beauty. Flowing lines, serene faces, bright colors, and love distinguish her work, setting it apart from all others. You can purchase this lovely chart only by using this special link. Because it was designed for the AQP, it does not show on her website.