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Angel of Love from Pine Glen Designs
Copyright 2003 by Pine Glen Designs. All rights reserved.

Too few people seem to have heard of Pine Glen Designs in New Brunswick, Canada. That's a real shame because Lorrie Ramsay (Chef Tiger) and her mother Dorothy (Dodie) Rauchwerk do have a wonderful collection of charts covering a wide range of topics. Pine Glen Designs may be a small and less known design company but this mother-daughter team does what they feel inspired to create and offers them up for others to stitch as well. These talented ladies not only cross stitch, but they are expanding into quilt designs. Both ladies have been instrumental in the creation and longevity of the Canadian Division, devoting countless hours to stitching, quilting, and designing for the Project.

This beautiful, serene Angel of Love was inspired by AQP and their involvement in the group. Lorrie and Dodie wanted to give their support and do their part to spread the word about AQP. They created a quick stitch piece in the hopes that many would be stitched. All funds raised from the sale of these leaflets goes to support AQP Canada, and helps purchase quilting materials and pay for postage.

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