The Angel Quilt Project
Dale High

The most prominent of our current finishers, Dale is also well known to be the founder's right hand. A long time cross-stitcher, Dale has only been quilting for a few years. When she retired in the late 1990s, she began searching the net for stitching groups and found Cross Wits and James. She answered his clarion call for stitchers for the project he was starting and has been here ever since. The number of quilts she has put her touch on is rapidly approaching 1000. Dale does many of the items to be auctioned off for fund-raisers too.

When asked for some of her favorites, she responded with the following pictures. Click on the smaller image to see a larger one and use your back button to return.

Quilt made from Vermillion Stitchery's Cat and Puppy Angels EMS Animal Babies Quilt Roly Poly Cherished Teddies Birthstone Fairys from Vermillion Stitchery
Butterfly Baby from Ellen Maurer-Stroh Cherished Teddy in a Raincoat stitched by Georganna Sawade of Michigan A coverlet done with 5 mini angels designed by James Farmer Cherished Teddy Clown

Other notable finishes:

First Quilt done for Auction - Cherished Teddies Garden Angels Teresa Wentzler's Angel. This one is hard to stitch and finish, mainly due to the size. Stoney Creek's Baby Angel Another rendition of Stoney Creek's Baby Angel stitched by Judy Lockbeam
Talking to the Animals by Ellen Maurer-Stroh stitched by Georganna Sawade of Michigan Baby Angel from Ellen Maurer-Stroh. One of many Judy's Angel Another variation on Judy's Angel, this time stitched by Claudia Mott of Alabama

Her Photo Trail is filled with many examples of her stitching and finishing.

Dale, on behalf of everyone in the project, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being the strength and wisdom behind the scenes. You are a true inspiration!


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