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Pause and light a candle, or just visit our garden of candles.

Hello, everyone:

Welcome to The Angel Quilt Project’s web-site.

With a New Year approaching I figured it was time to do a much needed up-date for this page.

I still find it hard to believe that The Angel Quilt Project (AQP) will soon celebrate our 16th anniversary! Yes! On January 26th the AQP will celebrate our 16th birthday!

It’s been an amazing run, too.

When I first got this thing started I never imagined it would still be going this long and I’m thankful and blessed that we are still doing what we do best, using our cross stitching, machine embroidery, and quilting talents to help families with premature babies and parents with children in Regional Burn Centers and Children’s Cancer Clinics around the world.

When the AQP was started we focused primarily on premature babies. Over the years we added children in Regional Burn Centers and then a couple of years later The Children’s Cancer Clinics. The age restrictions for the latter two are no older than 16.

Five years ago we donated our 50,000th blanket, to a hospital in the UK, and since then we've delivered over 2,000 more blankets to NICUs in the US, Canada, the UK and even in Hong Kong, not to mention the ones that have gone to families who have been personally introduced to us. I think Linda Laird, in Tennessee, had probably delivered more to families from recommendations than anyone else and I thank her for that.

I want to recognize a woman who was with the AQP from the beginning and just recently left us due to health issues and the loss of her husband. Dale High was instrumental in making the blankets and she personally sent out 25 – 30 blankets a month, after putting them all together. Her work with us was a true blessing and we miss having her as a part of our family. Thank you Dale for all you did for the AQP.

We also do “Special Project” for the AQP. These are usually larger blankets, which will usually fit on Twin, Queen or King-sized beds. They usually consist of 12 hand-stitched pieces of a certain theme. We've done Teddy Bears, Construction Vehicles, Disney Princesses, Alice in Wonderland and International Teddy Bears. Since the AQP is an all-volunteer group these blankets are auctioned off on e-bay to raise funds for the project, which in turn keep us going. If they are not sold on either e-bay or at craft shows that I attend twice a year, then they are given to children at the Blair Batson Children’s Cancer Clinic in Jackson, Mississippi, a part of The University of Mississippi Medical Center, and the families are much appreciative of them. I personally distribute those blankets and get a great deal of joy from the children’s and parent’s faces once the see them and realize they are freely given and won't have to be paid for. The joy I see on the faces are payment enough and gladly accepted with a smile on my face.

At one time the ‘membership’ of the AQP numbered just over 3,500 people but over the years that has dropped to just under 300, but we continue to do what we do and will continue to do it just as long as we can. We also had stitchers in 35 different countries around the world. Now we have those in the US, Canada, the UK, Singapore and a couple in Australia and their work and dedication is greatly appreciated.

Two years ago our web-master, Julie, returned to help us and, while we don't do a lot of up-dates to our site, she’s there when we need her and I appreciate her work, as well. She’s truly been a great help with the site and I honestly don't know what I'd do without her, since I know absolutely nothing about doing this sort of thing!

As an ‘all-volunteer’ group we rely on donations to help us continue our work. Many have helped with donations to the AQP, such as Marilyn Levitt-Imblum (She did the first chart exclusively for the AQP); her daughter, Nora Corbett, of Mirabilia, who also did a couple of charts for us, Ellen Maurer-Stroh, who did a couple of charts for us and gave the AQP the copyrights for those charts; Stoney Creek Magazine, who did the first published article on the AQP in their December 2000 magazine and also designed a baby angel for us to use; Leslie Teare donated her African Mother chart for the AQP and she is a lovely piece and I enjoyed doing her; Julia Lucas, who designed a Teddy Bear mother cradling her baby bear; DMC who has made donations of floss for us to use; Charles Craft, who has also donated fabrics for the membership to use; and lastly, but not leastly, Pat Carson of Designs by Gloria and Pat who has graciously allowed us to use her Precious Moments and Cherished Teddy designs, as well as making donations of floss and other materials for the membership to use.

I hear for stitchers all the time who want to help us, as well as finishers and anyone who would want to help is welcome. Just contact me at Eprise01@aol.com and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.

Many have asked me how is it a man is doing this. Simple. I've done cross stitch for almost 50 years now. My grandmother taught me when I was just 13. I'll be 63 in 2016 and I love doing it as much now as I did then. I've taught my kids how to stitch and recently got some of my wife’s granddaughters how to do it as well. As long as I'm able to stitch, I will stitch. I've personally stitched over 60 pieces in 2015 alone and hope to top that in 2016!

My thanks to all of those who help us, have helped us, and will volunteer to help us in the future. Without your efforts the AQP would not be where it is today and I'm truly grateful for each and every one of you.

May you all have a prosperous New Year.

James Farmer, Founder
The Angel Quilt Project